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We are the Advisory division of F.T.Export providing online and offline advisory and training services.

Procurement & Supply Chain Training

Upskill your organization with on-demand training and development programs.

  • Customized - Our programs of training are customized according to the client needs
  • Secure and Flexible - Our training can be held Online or Offline
  • Scalable - Our courses are modular and allow to Learn the latest skills adding module after module as the industry evolves

Procurement & Supply Chain Advisory

Upskill your organization outsourcing Procurement and Supply chain services.

  • Ubiquitous - We deploy our team remotely or fiscally to fit client’s needs.
  • Flexible - We can work on Specific Project basis or on daily basis.

Specialized Training

We structure, manage and coordinate for our clients highly technical training and development programs:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

Engineering Advisory

We are partner for our clients, providing on-demand engineering expertise to:

  • Assess implement and take on challenges.
  • Develop new projects.